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Hey Little Girl was recorded in May 2019 at Black Pearl Studios in Melbourne Australia. 

Engineered by Dave Augustus

Produced by Moonshifter and Dave Augustus

Mixed by Dave Augustus and Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios

Mastered by Louis De Visme

We all face hardships and challenges in this modern world, where we strive for our dreams which aren’t always fulfilled. Its that much harder for the women of these current times. But like the ‘fearless girl’ statue on the cover art shows, while there is still a long way to go, we are on a path striving to bridge the gap. But more generally It’s a song about hope and self belief.

Hey Little Girl
Lachlan Cross - Vocals
Mark Cambruzzi - Guitar
Wayne Elkin - Guitar
Andy Baker - Bass
Mike Cato - Drums

Based in Melbourne, VIC

Founded in 2012

Genre: #Rock #HardRock

Label: Self Released 

Moonshifter is bringing all the power and glory of 70’s and 80’s hard rock, kicking and screaming into the 21st century with a modern flare!
The relentless pursuit of writing “great rock songs” has resulted in a much loved single 'Glad That You Came' and follow up debut album 'Love Lust Fire Dust' 11 tracks that keep you on your fiery toes from start to finish.
The genesis of the band was a concoction from a couple metal heads wanting to seek new inspiration to be a simple fun band that shifted one's mood into euphoria. (Landing on a subsequent band name born from a misheared 'Mood shifter' into the serendipitous (and much deeper) Moonshifter) teaming up with some pure rock born musicians and hence starting a chemistry and sound somewhat unique - whilst familiar in the hard rock fraternity.
From humble and well-grounded roots in the depths of Brunswick Victoria they have cultivated a consistent and impressive self-produced approach to their brand of hard rock. The band's hard work ethic in song writing is replicated in the production of their records, videos and live performances with strong self promotion of shows and events, which include many other talented and inspired local acts.
The aforementioned debut album has received incredibly strong reviews as demonstrated below with their live show gaining a solid reputation strongly endorsed by 'The Hard Rock Show' Channle 31, and the numerous bands they have played with:
Recently supporting the album launch for Australian rockers 'Massive' at the Northocte Social Club, along with highlight gigs with Electric Mary and The Lazy's at the old Espy Front Bar and many other successful bands Riff Raiders, Cicadastone, Warbirds, Lazarus Mode, Midnight Alibi at venues as far and wide as Newcastle and Adelaide. 
Following on from the success of Love Lust Fire Dust, Moonshifter was straight back in the studio recording 5 new tracks to be released throughout 2020, starting with a new single "Hey Little Girl" out on April 24. 
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